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Retirement is not the time to worry about finances. Reverse mortgages are unique loans that allows senior homeowners to access a portion of the equity they've accumulated in their homes without having to sell it, give up title or take on a new monthly principal and interest payment. It may be a great option that could help improve your quality of life and knock down the financial barriers to independent living.

Senior Couple

Reverse Mortgage Available Loan Types:

  • Reverse Mortgage HECM Refinance 
  • Reverse Mortgage Jumbo Loans - up to $4 Million
  • Reverse Mortgage Purchase Loans
  • Reverse Mortgage Second
  • Reverse Mortgage Jumbo Line of Credit
  • Reverse Mortgage Proprietary Loans
  • Reverse Mortgage Proprietary Jumbo Loans

Reverse Mortgage Acceptable Property Types:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Condos, Condominiums, Apartments
  • Duplex, Triplex, 4-Plex, Multi Family

Advantages of a reverse mortgage loan include:

1) There are no monthly principal and interest mortgage payments
2) You retain ownership of your home and title stays in your name
3) Continue to pay all property related fees, taxes and insurance and maintain the home in good condition.
4) There are no restrictions on how you use the funds available to you
5) Access a portion of the equity in your primary home (single family home, duplex, condominium or apartment)
6) You do not have to repay the loan for as long as you live in the home and comply with all loan terms.
7) Home must be principal residence.
8) It is a true non-recourse loan 
9) In most cases, insured by the Federal Housing Administration
10) Typically does not affect Social Security or Medicare benefits.  However, some benefits like SSI and Medicaid can be impacted. Please contact your benefits administrator about your particular situation.

What are possible uses of a Reverse Mortgage Loan

  • Provide a cushion for the unexpected
  • Eliminate or consolidate debt
  • Fund any home repairs
  • Pay for healthcare & prescription drugs
  • Travel

It's really up to you! There are no restrictions with how you use your available funds.

In addition, Reverse Mortgage Loans are also available for purchases of primary homes

Contact us for more details and we will give you information on the products available to you.

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